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4. Lastly want to get some of my characters fleshed out by the talented artist that I've come to know here on DA!
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Melinde-Mari's Profile Picture
Melinde-Mari Venter
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Arab Emirates
I love photography! Being able to take a moment/fragmented piece of time and stop it brings me such joy!

While I'm a photographer, I do writing as well, mostly poetry, but I am currently working on various novels:
1. The Dragon Sword (rough to 1st book done)
2. Of the Sea (Rough to first book done)
3. The Divide United (1/4 done with rough)
4. Eons (1/5 done with rough of 1st book)

Together with my two main passions I like sketching and painting which is quickly becoming more and more enjoyable to me (I had once loved drawing, was great at it when suddenly just lost my feel to draw until 2012 when was bored and decided to paint... and I painted... A blue flower back dropped by a warm sun setting colors.

I've started my own Patreon account -
And would love the support as it will allow me to paint more and go to more places to achieve my ultimate goal - to see the world and photograph all the magic there exists!

Come visit me on my Facebook page too!

So lately I've been interested in understanding what kind of "styles" there are in art; visual art!

I started exploring this when I started drawing my cats and compared it to my other drawings (even photos of people and animals)
Kitty - 6 by Melinde-Mari  Doggy by Melinde-Mari Even between these two there's a clear difference between "styles" just see the eyes for clear understanding!
Kitty - 5 by Melinde-Mari  Forget Me Not by Melinde-Mari And here...
A cat VS a teddy bear the teddy bear to me seeming slightly more real than my cat but the cat.. Aint it adorably cute!!!!
Let it Snow by Melinde-Mari  Stare-Down by Melinde-Mari And again clearly two variously different to each other.
Curse of Fire - Demon Cat by Melinde-Mari  Furball Gang OC -  Jubi-Lee by Melinde-Mari Again here... Two very different styles to the other and clearly to each other!

But there are plenty other styles like this for example:
Music by Melinde-Mari A more line based style (see the ballerinas and piano) you can make out what they are, but they were drawn using plain lines and without too much other details to define them...

I even have different ways to write in my every day life - just depending on my mood!

So I decided to start making lists on what kind of styles there are! And of course what there use is...? Is there specific styles just for comics and mangas? Is there a set style for different types of animation? Japanese style, Disney style...
Cartoons? What styles are there for cartoons? And So far I'm excited at what I found!!!
Cartoon Styles by Melinde-Mari   Just look at how 10 different styles from 10 different loved cartoon artist compares to each other!!!
The characters in some of these frames can't even be considered the same!!! Look at Garfield's line!!! The second  drawing is actually another artist OC of which I love reading the comic strips when doing Sudoku puzzles (Calvin & Hobbes)!

What does so many styles though mean to artists? I have one answer for that!!! artists can never stop learning!!! They have so much more to learn other than just their style that they perfected!!!
And one style is never better than the other which is prove in just the above illustration! They are all famous and just because I have a favorite... Disney Donald duck's column's style in most cases here; everyone else might try to reach for my throat right now and say that obviously Garfield's the better style!

And in my search I found another good reference to different anime styles all drawn of one character
Chibi Reiko in different anime styles by mmidori31Compliments goes to :iconmmidori31:

Sakura Various Animation Styles by Melinde-Mari
Looking to compare different animation styles from western to eastern? Here's a screen shot for another reference on different styles featuring Sakura from Naruto - in the Disney style she looks like Alice in Wonderland :D

Is it possible that so many loved characters from different stories can actually be crossed "on purpose" from other famous characters? I don't think so and yet here's some hints... Maybe it's just coincidence... I believe it is!!! Hands up those who loves Ghibli!!!! (Trying to get more people to scramble my brains... *LOL*)

So I finally decided to try and find out how many different styles are there really??? I mean... I know it's a growing thing but can we group some identical styles to fall under a category? Of Course since would mean the moment there's a clear difference it would gravitate to wards a new category? How many categories are there? Can it be clearly identified when two different styles are used and be able to identify it? Or would it then be classified as a "new style"

I discovered a manga/comic and I'm sort of is hooked and in this very "story" there's 3 distinct styles!!! (One for reality, one for L.I.F.E. and one for "the game" - it's a virtual reality type story) and please do go check it out! - Not a Villain by Aneeka Richins -

So here I am baffled about how many styles there are and how difficult it is to just get 1 right! And then making it "my own" or then another question hits me... is it already my own???

With so many styles how is it still possible to truly be original... It's like with writing stories... All the types of stories there could ever have been written has already been written, but people still are creating "new stories" are they really new? Or is the 'plot' just different or does having different character names and place it's playing off  to be somewhere else than the 1st original make it new?

When the lines are getting blurrier with each "new style' and "new story" can artist still thrive on originality? My opinion? I think so!!! Just like a finger print is unique and each person's life differs from someone else's I think stories and drawings are the same... to a fault! It's like one of the artists I'm watching! having drawn Princess  Bubblegum from Adventure time, I would almost think it's her own character she drew... And yet still the credit goes to Adventure time... When does credit need to be given where credit is due? When Something is the same or based loosely or directly to someone else's work? or just when you where inspired by them to create something that someone else and created even when it's unrecognizable compared to the someone else's work?

I mean again look at Garfield and Hobbes... Two different styles, two different characters, two different artist... But is it possible they were based on each other to begin with? Did one or the other artist credit the other? Where is the line between styles and OC's??? Does this mean The Bubblegum Princess from Adventure Time and Bubblegum Princess of this said artist could be 2 different character in their own right???

These are all questions that started plaguing me once I delved into the art of "style"...

What does it mean to create fan-art VS own-art??? Can't fan-art also be called own-art??? Obviously when you take something as is and just repost it it's stealing but if you redraw it to appear completely different and say it's your own art even if was "inspired" by another piece is it fan-art? or your own art?

I actually started having psycadelic epsodes trying to brainstorm what the answer is (Just joking :D)

So while I continue sorting through styles and discovering others; I wanted to see what other artist have to say about this issue? Would they consider 'their style their own' or based on someone else's? Would they want to be credited for the art someone else creates based on their own even when the similarity isn't there at all anymore and the character/place is now nearly all but this artist's own?

And if you want to; give me examples of categories of styles or styles on their own you are familiar with.


Oh and don't forget I'm giving away prizes for having reached 100 watchers - check out my other journal -

100 Watchers!!! Rafle + 1 Word for you!Hi everyone!!!
So I'm doing this for all my active watchers!
I want to do something special (again) and since I'm in the process of rediscovering words... I decided why not draw/write one word and make it into a art piece for my watchers!
Something like this
But there's a catch! Or rather a few rules!
I'll only be doing 20 so who gets a word Calligraphy'd/Graffiti'd word will be done point wise!
Point will be given as follow:
1. Either fave & comment a few words that describe who you are as well as reasons why (2 Points) , 
    Or share this journal and I'll choose a special word for you (2 points) 
    Or you can fave, comment and share! (3 Points)  
                   (This is mainly to root out my a


Bear from dog???
Yeah... somehow when done with the face it didn't look like a dog anymore... so a made a bear??? Still a rough (I know... a terrible rough!!!) But sort of cute ^^
Hands up of who want to see me destroy a wiki how reference (how to draw cartoon dogs) and turn it into something completely different than a dog....

^^" Yes I already dit it... And no... Didn't mean to...

^^" Oooppssss....
10 deviations
Worried Doggy
Drew this one before the one with the bubbles... Also used a reference, reference again from wiki-how - how to draw cartoon dogs ^^"

I had a lot of fun drawing this fella!!! Though like the previous one I kept a lot to the original (the reference) though tried to incorporate some of the style I'm trying to perfect for myself... Maybe a fail in getting it to be my own? But still proud of the end results!!! Such a worried doggy!!!! XD


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Melinde-Mari Featured By Owner May 14, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
You are most welcome and I understand the lateness! I've fallen behind on my own art on notices all because I'm too busy with a whole bunch of other stuff!!!

But as far as enjoying your art and the art of many others that is my no 1 priority so keep up the great work!!!!!
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Thank you for delivering the very encouraging llama Melinde-Mari  :iconllamatruckplz:
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